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Naveen Singhal
Chairman, Mahalaxmi Group
" Keeping Dreams Alive"

Born and educated at Meerut, UP, Naveen Singhal has made Guwahati his home and headquarter of his corporate Mahalaxmi Group. He has led the group to grow exponentially from a family-run business to a Pan India Group. He is instrumental in strategic policy decision-making, creating new ventures, and overseeing the operational activities of the group. He is known for the broad reach of his business operations.

He has diversified his coal trading business into FMCG, Agriculture, Logistics, Media & Enterprise and led more than 500 employees of 12 companies. He has slowly built up a formidable business with an annual turnover of more than a thousand crores as of 2020. He feels proud that unlike any other big company with headquarter in Metros, the headquarter of Mahalaxmi Group is at Guwahati, with its branches in nine states and two countries abroad. He knows when to scale and when to enter and exit a business. His sense of time and the value of time makes a difference. He has a trader instinct with a humanitarian approach.

Besides his business and charitable interests, his vices revolve around swiftness: driving cars, swimming and running, playing Golf & Cricket, meeting and entertaining leading figures in many fields.

He is not just passionate about steering the Mahalaxmi Group; he is a philanthropist too. He realizes the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He maintains that no success in material terms is worthwhile unless it serves the motherland and its people. He has set up Mahalaxmi Foundation and supported the needy in the area, such as food, shelter, education, housing, health, etc. He has started the concept of a community kitchen during the Corona Virus crisis. He has resolved to make the community kitchen concept a permanent CSR activity of the group. Currently (2020), it is planned to provide subsidized food to 25000 people a day which will be scaled every year.